Did Somebody Call a Cleric? No? Are you sure?
Absolutely sure? Well, okay... I'll just let myself out...
After an arduous period of really messy rolepaying, and some questionable opinions from the gallant-ish, dual-wielding leader of the group (ever wonder if you’re fighting for the wrong side?), The Dynamic Duo found themselves smack dab in the middle of cleric paradise. That is to say, they found themselves at the entrance of a sepulcher in the middle of a graveyard.

Before you ask, yes it was dark, yes it was foreboding, and yes there were signs of desecration. Thanks to the keen senses of the wise and glorious leader, tracks around the sepulcher were identified to be 6 goblins and one medium sized humanoid. Also thanks to his amazing powers of observation it was able to be deduced from the same tracks that one of the goblins had a limp, another was suffering from an ingrown toenail, and a third had a really bad case of acne.
While Kairos and Book were examining the tracks, and while the shorter of the two was exhibiting some paleophilicity, it was also discovered that the sheriff had been with them the whole time (you would think that the spot check might have covered that…). With a growing sense of urgency regarding the whole situation, and maybe in an attempt to avoid the inevitably embarrassing conversation between the sheriff and Book, Kairos rushed in to the sepulcher only to be instantly accosted by three skeletons, of the non-shambling variety.
Upon the skeletons revealing themselves, Book emitted what would otherwise be described as a girlish giggle of glee, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was a full grown dwarven (Dwarfen? Dwarvish? Dwarfish?) male. Lightning fast, Kairos was amidst the creaking bones and glowing eyes. He struck once and then twice, connecting solidly both times. Book’s years of worship and unification with his deity erupted in a flood of divine energy that tickled pleasantly for those fortunate enough to have a heartbeat, but lashed violently against the unholy energies that fueled the animated dead.
The skeletons continued relentlessly despite the assault. They first struck back, perhaps instinctively, at Book, and then at Kairos, but both attacks fell short. Once again, the heroes were reminded that they were not alone when they heard the whistle of a mace swinging through the air, followed by a mighty crack as the sheriff took her own toll from the non-shambling dead. Another series of relentless strikes and a wash of divine energy left only a single skeleton battling against the sheriff. With a guttoral cry the sheriff swung over head, two handed, with all her might against the last foe.
The mace connected squarely with the skeletons forehead. After a moment of stunned silence the skeleton took a step towards the sheriff, only to leave its foot behind. It stumbled another step, and another, and continued to fall apart piece by piece as it struggled with inhuman persistence, until finally it collapsed into a jumble of bones and dust. Only the skull continued to rolled forward to hit the sheriffs boot face up, just as the unholy light vanished from its eyes. As the sheriff gazed down, the deathly grin of the skull seemed to be laughing, saying, “At last, I finally got you!”
The local priest rushed up at the end of the melee and identified the robes of the last skeleton to be those of the previous priest. Once again Kairos rushed in to the sepulcher to find a robe of bones and the remains of the priest missing. It was decided that the town ranger would be summoned back home, home from her… ranging? and together with the Heroes would follow the tracks from the sepulcher to root out the foul necromancey that is surely taking place.

Calling In
When adventurers don't adventure

On this past adventure, Kairos had a wild night of drinking, which mostly consisted of him staying in his room at the inn with several bottles of cheap wine. This was followed by a massive hangover in the morning. Book, on the other hand, decided to try some of the local cuisine, only to discover a dangerous allergy to shellfish. Needless to say, both adventurers decided to call in sick the next day.

The story so far...
and other niceties

So far (and through some minor rule breaking), Kairos Valeros and Black Book have rescued the country side from a ravenous (juvenile) dragon, a goblin invasion during the dedication of the new cathedral, and a (miraculously) successful boar hunt. Through the course of these events the Dynamic Duo have found themselves in the good graces of one Lord Foxglove. Despite this rare show of civic duty, adventuring, and (as the Greeks would say) arete, the local merchants continue to insist on 50% buyback. What a rip!

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